The Rationale for Preventive Medicine

The Progressive nature of many diseases, and their subsequent traumatic manifestation, requires that an effective early detection program be implemented for successful prevention and management. Ideally, steps should be taken to prevent the onset of disease or, when appropriate, to detect disease at its earliest stages and take corrective measures to reduce the occurrence of detrimental effects.

The social and economic impact of this problem is so great that increasing pressure is developing from within and outside the medical profession to restructure our concepts of health care. The shift in emphasis should rationally be directed towards preventing the event rather than waiting to treat the illness after it arises.

The HEALTH AUDIT Executive Medical is designed to assist you in meeting this challenge. We are able to contribute to early detection through our testing facilities and to offer individually tailored health and life style suggestions through our consultation services. We believe that the benefits you gain from our services will improve your health and enhance your physical Well-being. By repeating your HEALTH AUDIT on a regular basis, the returns on your time investment will be maximized.

When complete, you will be provided with a report on the same day including your personal assessment results, health recommendations, and an explanation of the many concepts and terms presented to you during the course of your HEALTH AUDIT.